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This article will show you how to install and setup Zoiper soft phone client.

Step By Step:

  1. While in the Audian Portal Navigate to Users.
  2. Click the Device column under the User that needs a softphone.
  3. Click New Device
  4. A setup window will open where you can input the Device name.

  5. Click Create Device
  6. Click on the new device now listed under the users devices.
  7. Click the Advanced drop down and select Provisioning
  8. Click Download Zoiper
  9. You will then be directed to Zoipers website to select which platform you are using
  10. Download the Zoiper App as outlined in the Zoiper instructions.
  11. Click on the Zoiper icon to start the application.
  12. When the application is loaded, click on the top left button.
  13. A viewfinder will appear, position the phone so that the black and white barcode located on the Zoiper website.

Manual Method:

  1. Follow steps 1-6 above to get the user information.
  2. Download Zoiper
  3. Press Settings
  4. Click Preferences
  5. Click Create account if one is not listed under SIP.
    1. Select SIP
    2. User@Host: Audian SIP Username
    3. Password: Audian Password
    4. Domain/ Realm
    5. Account Name: Audian
  6. Once the account is created verify that the outbound options are set.
    1. Auth username: Audian SIP Username
    2. Use outbound proxy is CHECKED
    3. Outbound Proxy: Realm

Manual Method:

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