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This article will show you how to setup voicemail boxes in Audians portal.

Step By Step:

How to Create a Voicemail Box

Once you have outlined a call flows name, extension, or number in the steps above, follow the steps below to create a voicemail.

  1. Follow these steps to create a user's call flow.
  2. Click Basic on the right under Actions
  3. Click Voicemail then drag and drop it on User in the call flow.
  4. Click Add a new mailbox when the Voicemail box pops up.
  5. Fill out all the Basic fields
    1. Name:
    2. Voicemail Number: (Extension)
    3. Assign To: (The User)
    4. Pin Number:
    5. Unavailable Message:
      1. Users will need to call the voicemail to setup a unavailable greeting.
  6. Options:
    1. Timezone
    2. Already Setup
      1. Unchecked will prompt the new user introduction when a user logs in for the first time to change their PIN and unavailable greeting.
    3. Require PIN
      1. Checked: Requires that the user enter a pin to access the voicemail box
      2. Unchecked: Allows the user to access their voicemail box without a PIN.
    4. Auto-Login Enabled
    5. Skip Greeting
    6. Skip Instructions
    7. Delete After Notification
    8. Configurable via menu
  7. Press Save

If you would like the voicemail to be deleted from the phone after it has been delivered to your email inbox, select "Delete After Notification".


Checking Voicemail via Phone

Just dial *97 to be connected to Audian's Voicemail.

Checking Voicemail via the Web

Checking voicemail via the Web is accomplished in the Audian User Portal which can be seen here: