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Bringing a previously used Cisco SPA phone over from a different VoIP provider? Provisioning (enabling it for use) is a snap as long as it has a valid device certificate. Third-party phones must already have a valid device certificate to be used on 8x8 service.

The following is valid for Cisco IP phone models SPA303SPA504G, and SPA525G2.

Before You Begin:

  1. Connect the phone to the network and power it on. (If you will be using a computer to complete provisioning setup.
  2. Factory reset the phone.
    • SPA303 and SPA504G: Press Menu > 14: Factory Reset
    • SPA525G2: Menu > 9: Device Administration > 6: Factory Reset

Provisioning (Web):

  1. Find and note the phone's IP address.
    • SPA303 and SPA504G: Press Menu > 9: Network.
    • SPA525G2: Press Menu > 10: Status > 2: Network Status.
  2. On a computer on the same network as the phone, enter the phone's IP address.
  3. Log in to the web GUI and point the endpoint to Audian's configuration server:
    1. Click on Admin Login in the top right corner, then click on Advanced also in the top right corner. 
    2. Now click on Provisioning > Configuration Profile
      • Add the following in the Profile Rule: 
    3. Click Submit All Changes. (Phone should reset.)
  4. Once the phone boots back up, manually reboot the phone again.
  5. Following the manual reboot, wait 30 seconds. The phone will reboot again on its own. It should display Phone not active yet.

Provisioning (Manual):

  1. Press Menu > 16:Profile Rule.
  2. Enter the Profile Rule$PSN.cfg
  3. Press Sync.
  4. When sync is complete, power-cycle the phone. Wait until it finishes Refreshing voice component. The device should update to correct date and time. 
  1. SPA 525G2 Only:
  2. Press Menu > Device Administration > Profile Rule (should be blank again).
  3. Enter Profile Rule B$PSN.cfg
  4. Press Sync and wait for the Refreshing voice component to complete. The device should get an extension number and come online.

**Note - Adding admin/resync? to the ip address will force the cisco to update and reboot.  For example,

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